The DragonFly system is an economical solution for applications that require a large flame effect up to 30 feet high! The system comes complete with controller, accumulator tank and all cables and hoses. The DragonFly complies with applicable codes and bears the ARL Testing Lab's certification. The DragonFly uses a standing pilot system controlled by a Honeywell Intermittent Pilot Module to assure reliable and safe light-off. This system uses a massive 2" outlet for the main effect. Creating an even bigger and more impressive flame than its younger cousin, the Dragonfly Model 1.

- DragonFly Flame Head
- Flame System Controler
- 50' Control Cable
- E-stop Assembly w/ 50' Estop Cable
- (2) 20'x1/4" Propane Gas Hoses
- 20'x2" Propane Gas Hose
- DragonFly Model 2 Gas Accumulator Tank

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DragonFly Flame System Model 2