The LSG system produces an incredible low-lying fog effect. The system utilizes a smoke machine and a special cryogenic unit, the LSG. This system combined with a CO2 tank, produces a constant, large volume of fog at the push of a button or via DMX. It's economical too; the operating costs are only about $2.50 per minute of operation! This unit functions with any fog machine but can be ordered with a G300 or G3000 per your needs and or a roadcase allowing you to move and protect your new LSG and fog machine with ease.

RENT IT!: $650 /wk

- Low Smoke Generator For Low Pressure CO2
- 6' Attached CO2 hose
- LSG Tank Adapter (CGA-320)
- CGA-622 Adapter
- 4' Attached control cable that goes to the fog machine

RENT IT!: $650 /wk (rental includes fog machine and road case)

Low Smoke Generator (LSG)

CO2 Pressure
Fog Machine
Road Case

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