More Than 165 Feet of Flame

When a theme park in California wanted to celebrate their 60th year they approached Sigma Services looking for something bigger and badder than anything ever created. They wanted a flame in excess of 165 ft. The ensuing research and development has led Sigma to the creation of the largest flame cannon ever built we have nicknamed, "Magma." This beast of a flame unit created a plume of fire more than 165ft tall. The heat can be felt from more than 100 yards away as the fuel burns ever higher into the sky. Dwarfing any other objects or effects around, this unit was installed for the celebration and continues to be used daily in show creating a repeatable flame effect unlike anything ever seen and will continue to wow audiences for years to come. Sigma also offers this unit for rental! Come to us with any of your effect desires so that we can make your dreams a reality.

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