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The Confetti Gerb has been used on the Rolling Stones Bridges to Babylon and Ozzfest World Tours. This confetti system utilizes two horns for maximum height. The 6"gerb can project confetti up to 100 feet which is perfect for outdoor venues. Each unit can throw 50 pounds of confetti in less than a minute. Each unit operates off of two 50 LB. CO2 syphon tanks. We provide two 20ft CO2 hoses with a ball valve for easy installation and use. This unit is also available with a roadcase that even has room to store your high pressure tanks so you can roll the entire package wherever you need it and be ready in seconds.

- 6" Dual Horn Confetti Unit
- (2) Confetti Hopper Pins
- (2) "R" clips
- (2) 10' CO2 Hoses
- (2) Tank Adapters (CGA-320)
- (2) Ball Valve Assemblies
- Ratchet strap to hold CO2 tanks in the roadcase

6" High Altitude Confetti Gerb

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