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The new CRYO2 Jet is a state-of-the-art cryogenic effect system capable of producing plumes of cryo fog up to 20 feet high using liquid CO2. The system is built from top grade industrial components which yields a very rugged device for reliable and repeatable operation. Its small size and adjustability allows it to be mounted in a wide variety of applications. The CRYO2 Jet can be used with high pressure liquid CO2tanks or refrigerated liquid CO2 dewar tanks.

- Cryo 2 CO2 Jet w/ attached 6' Power Cord
- 20' CO2 Hose
- CO2 Nozzle
- Mounting Plate
- Mounting Clamp
- JIC 90 Elbow
- Tank Adapter (CGA-320)
- CGA-622 Adapter

Cryo Jet

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